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Balaji Tirupati Darshan Tour (2 NIGHTS / 3 DAYS)
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2 nights & 3 days

Temple Activities




The laddoos given as Prasadam at the Tirupathi temple taste very yummy. These laddoos are famous all over the world only because none of the external shops has been able to replicate this taste so far. The management has also undertaken geographical indication technique for the laddoo preparation to retain the taste. The other prasadams given here are pulihora, daddojanam, vada, chakkera pongal, miryala pongal, Appam, Payasam, Jilebi, Murukku Dosa and seera. Annadanam (free meals) is provided daily to the devotees.  Every Thursday, during the Thirupavadai Seva, food items are served to the Lord as Naivedyam.


Hair Tonsuring


Hair Tonsure is an important activity in the Balaji Temple. Tons of hair is collected daily in the temple.  Every year an auction is held and the collected hair is sold off. The buyers are usually international hair designers, who use this in their cosmetic profession. The temple authorities are responsible for conducting this auction and it is estimated that the temple earns around 6 million USD, every year in this way.


There is a story behind this process The Lord’ head was once a little bald because he was hit by a shepherd. Noticing this, Neela Devi, a Gandharva Princess, sacrificed some of her hair for the Lord and made His scalp look normal again. Impressed by the unselfish gesture of the princess, the Lord assured her that, that hair that is given to Him by the devotees will be given to her. Even today, it is believed that when a tonsure happens here, the hair ultimately reaches the princess. This is a temple that is situated atop 7 hills. One of the hills is named Neeladri as a mark of respect for this princess.


Hundi (Donation Pot)


Legend has it that the Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji had asked the Lord of Wealth, Kubera a loan of a crore and 14 lakh gold coins. This loan was for doing the wedding arrangements of the Lord with Padmavati Goddess. Viswakarma, the architect of the Gods, was chosen to arrange the area around Seshadhri Hills for the wedding. This place is where the God and Goddess live in prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi, on the other hand, who was the Lord’s wife, in an earlier avatar, remains in the Lord’s heart at this place. Therefore, devotees who throng in huge numbers to this temple, donate crores and crores of money and gold to help the Lord repay His Loan. The Balaji temple at Tirupathi is the richest temple in the world, because, the average daily collections at the temple are at a whopping Rs.22.5 million and the average annual gold collection is at a staggering 3000kg.




This is a process where devotees sit on side of a weighing scale and keep offerings equivalent to their weight on the other side, as a note of thanks for fulfilling their prayers. The offerings are mostly sugar, bananas, jiggery, tulsi leaves, gold, coins, coconuts etc.  This is a process that is mostly conducted with the small kids.


Arjitha Seva (Paid services)


These are paid services for which the devotees must book earlier appointments. Upon getting a confirmed time slot, the devotees can enjoy by participating in special pujas and sevas done for the main deity, Lord Srinivasa and many other adjoining Gods like the Bhoga Srinivasa, Sri Malayappa etc.


In addition to getting to witness and enjoy the special darshan and pujas, the devotees get special Prasadam too, which comprises of vastram (meaning clothes), akshantalu (meaning sacred rice), the world-famous Laddoo and other eatables like vada, dosa, pongal and variety of rice items. Devotees also get a chance to view the Utsava Murthy.

Day 01 : Chennai - Tirupathi

On arrival at Chennai, meet and transfer to Tirupathi. Check in hotel. Overnight stay at Tirupathi.


Day 02 : Tirupathi

Morning proceed for Balaji Darshan and back to hotel. Evening visit the Kalahasti and Trichanoor Temple, Overnight stay at Tirupathi.


Day 03 : Tirupathi - Chennai

Breakfast, check out hotel and drive to Chennai Airport/Railway station.


According to guest choice.


Do's and Don't at Balaji



·         The Tirupati Thirumala Devasthanam must be used for booking accommodations and darshan tickets well in advance.

·         Before embarking on a trip to Tirupati, you must first offer prayers at the shrine of your Ishta Deiva and Kula Deiva

·         Upon entering the temple, take a holy dip at the Pushkarni, worship the deity Vaharaswami and then proceed to worship the main deity

·         You must enter the temple only after taking bath. Your clothes must be clean

·         Inside the temple premises, you must observe silence. You can also keep chanting slokas of Lord Venkateshwara

·         If you are in Tirupati, take a holy bath at the Theerthams of Papavinasanam and Akasha Ganga Theertham

·         All age old customs should be followed piously

·         You must talk only about good and religious subjects with your co-pilgrims

·         If you plan to make any offerings, then drop the same at the designated Hundis provided for this purpose

·         All information with the time and darshan information, you must contact the Tirupati Thirumala Devastanam officials who can be found at the enquiry counter

·         Before entering the place of main worship, you must take a pradakshanam of the temple, having the main deity on their right hand side.

·         You must wear a tilak at all times on your forehead as per the practices of the temple

·         All rules and regulations of the temple should be adhered to and you should patiently wait for your darshan time.




·         You must visit the temple only for having the darshan of Lord Balaji

·         Never carry too many ornaments or too much of cash

·         Avoid consuming non-vegetarian food and liquor before coming to the temple

·         Do not approach unknown people for accommodation

·         Never wear footwear or move around in vehicles either within or near the temple

·         Patiently wait for your darshan turn, never push anybody

·         Never approach agents for speedy darshans

·         Satsanga danda pranamam or falling flat on the ground should be strictly avoided in the temple

·         Do no buy duplicate Prasadam from unauthorized vendors

·         Refrain from throwing Theertham or Prasadam that the temple gives you

·         If you do not enter the temple as per the customs, please respect the sentiments of others

·         Flowers can be worn by the main deity only, so never deck up yourself with flowers and garlands

·         Never encourage beggars inside the temple

·         Do not indulge in cheap activities like spitting inside the temple

·         Never enter the temple naked or just with a lion cloth over you

·         Never cover your head with helmet, turbans, head gear, caps or hats inside the temple

·         Refrain from carrying harmful weapons inside the temple

·         Don’t carry outside food into the temple and don’t chew betel leaves inside the premises

·         If you are physically or mentally unwell, do not enter the temple

·         Refrain from sleeping inside the temple

·         Don’t indulge in any violent activities inside the temple

·         Never quarrel with your fellow pilgrims as you are likely to be punished

·         Don’t boast about your financial wealth or social status inside the temple

·         Never show your back to the main deity

·         Use both your hands for praying

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