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India is a home of almost all types of adventure activities. The Sheer varieties ranging from mountaineering, Trekking, Skiing, Rafting, Skating, Water Sports to Aero sports like Hang Gliding, Para Gliding make India one of the most attractive destinations for adventure sports the world over.

  • Rs 17,930
    7 nights & 8 days
    Odisha Beach and Wildlife Tour
    India coastal beaches are amazingly unique most of the beaches are isolated. There are quite few of them which are attracting more travelers one of such beach is Puri. The puri itself is is famous for Hindu pilgrims the main temple Lord Jagannath is located here. Odisha is also best kept hidden wildlife treasures explore and reveals by yourself. ...
  • Rs 1,999
    2 nights & 3 days
    Reboot Yourself
    Shivalik Camping & Cottages has come up as a highly focused and organized adventure camping & cottages, with its fresh ideas and irrepressible bringing a whole new charm of the adventure of Himalayan where you can relax, rejuvenate and reboot yourself afresh. The sheer charm of the places and quality of feeling to make you happy is beyond anything....
  • Rs 9,990
    6 nights & 7 days
    Short regular Pindari Glacier Trek
    The Pindari glacier trek can be classified moderate trek and is equally very beautiful you enjoy throughout this trek it also passes through the local villages where you will be able to find out about their lifestyles its beautiful remote villages of Pindar valley that are significant with regard to mythology & mingle with locals to get a taste of the local life & culture and trekking through charming forests and walking on paths that are lined with colorful flora and exotic fauna. ...
  • Rs 12,499
    5 nights & 6 days
    Alluring Andaman Beaches
    Andaman is a group of Islands comprising 572 of which only 37 are inhabitants some inhabitants of the Islands are Aborigines and going there is strictly prohibited to outsiders.The capital of the this Union Territory is Portblair and is linked by Air. Ship operates only few days of the month from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. It has numerous Pristine and exotic beaches where most of the water activities can be enjoyed....
  • Rs 16,500
    9 nights & 10 days
    Panwali- Kantha Kedarnath Trek
    Uttarakhand in Northern India offers the perfect place for trekking both for amateur and professional trekker the Paradise for nature and adventure lovers. People from around the world visit Uttarakhand to do trekking and explore the hidden jewels of Uttarakhand and to walk on the less traveled paths. One can find plenty of route ranging from easy to strenuous path. The best time is from March end to July beginning. ...
  • Rs 1,890
    1 nights & 2 days
    Adventure Desert Camping
    One of the most romantic and full of excitement enjoy your trip to Sam Dune Camp also known as the golden sand located in the westernmost part of Thar Desert India. The dunes are located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The day and night could be the most memorable moment of your stay top up with much of fun and frolic which is waiting for you just to rewind your precious moments. ...
  • Rs 12,000
    8 nights & 9 days
    Pindari Glacier Trek in 9 days
    Pindari Glacier is a easy trek located in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. The breathtaking beauties en route is astonishing you come across distant views of greater Himalayas with snow clad peaks, gurgling streams, Rejuvenating water falls and meadows of green carpet not to mention some of the exotic flora and fauna that you get to see in this trekking trail. ...
  • On Request
    9 nights & 10 days
    Wildlife of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
    Assam the land of Brahmaputra and Arunachal Pradesh –“the land of down-lit mountain” are among the fewer state having the best wildlife reserves in India. Arunachal Pradesh being one of the least populated state of India with just 13 per sq km stands no such threat in many coming days. Out of eight wildlife sanctuary the Orchid Sanctuary and the Namdapha National Park is the most important of all....
  • Rs 45,199
    8 nights & 9 days
    Best of Indian Wildlife Safari Tours
    This 9 days program takes you through the wild side of India with the rich Indian cultural taking you to UNESCO world heritage site of Khajuraho the famous for Hindu and Jain famous for their Nagara-style architectural symbolism and their erotic sculptures to the exotic lands of wildlife in India where you can have the chance to rendezvous with royal Bengal Tiger. ...
  • Rs 24,450
    4 nights & 5 days
    Exhilarating Water Sport in Goa
    Goa is an excellent destination for water sports, the pleasant weather, calm waters and long coastline promises probably the most exciting for water sports and adventure imaginable. The sports is available for the people of every level of competence-the beginner and also the expert....
  • Rs 22,500
    9 nights & 10 days
    Great Indian Taj and Tiger Tour
    The incredible combination of temples, Taj and Tigers is a once lifetime opportunity to experience of India like royalty. In this tour you will visit to all the most important historic places of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur together which makes the great golden triangle tour....
  • Rs 54,700
    13 nights & 14 days
    Best of Indian Wildlife Safari Tours
    In south India about 500 mammal species so far identified besides this 1225 different varieties of Birds, 1600 types of reptiles and amphibians and about 57,000 species of insects. The vital point to take notice of is that India harbors about 60% of the worlds Tiger population out of which around 25 percent is covered by south India and the rest by the whole of India. ...
  • On Request
    10 nights & 11 days
    North East Wildlife Adventure Tour
    North East is the India's indigenous home to some of the most imposing wildlife species and sanctuaries. The Kaziranga, Manas, Namdapha National Park are some of the magnificent and natural dwellings for the animals, Bengal Tigers, One-horned Rhinos, Asiatic Bulls or exotic species of birds are the main attractions of these sanctuaries and National Parks....
  • Rs 28,675
    6 nights & 7 days
    Beach and Beast Wildlife Tour
    The special Wildlife tour gives you the best combination of beach leisure and wildlife adventure the destination includes like Goa and Dandeli Wildlife of South India also you can rafting during the month of June as well. The wildlife is the home of some of the rare flora and fauna. It also gives you the most ancient architecture of Karnataka which like Belur and Hassan....
  • On Request
    5 nights & 6 days
    Alluring Andaman (03 N Portblair and 02 nights Havelock Island)
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the best places to enjoy Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in India. In Andamans, one can enjoy the under-water marine life and view the rarest varieties of corals by snorkeling in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Carbyn's Cove Tourism Complex, Havelock and other islands on all days from dawn to dusk depending on the weather....
  • Rs 5,555
    3 nights & 4 days
    Beach Sports in Kovalam
    The Kovalam is one the rare beach with white sandy beaches. Among the favorite adventure sports activities in Kovalam are Surfboards one can enjoy year rounds surfing this is known to be one of the most chosen for water sport activities as the water soaring upto 5-7 ft during raining season & if you are beginners try to paddling from October to April. The other activities one cannot missed are Ayurveda Massage....
  • On Request
    3 nights & 4 days
    Beach Adventure in Puri
    Puri situated on the eastern sea-bed of India, is the only and most popular sea-side beaches where the beauty of the sky in radiant colors, the roaring waves and the golden beach can be experienced. Puri sea beach is the best in India as compared to Mumbai, Goa, Cochin and Chennai as well as other sea beaches. The beaches are getting a popular for adventure beach activities new water sport activities have recently been introduced. ...
  • On Request
    9 nights & 10 days
    Top of World Mountain Bike Tour
    The most vibrant and wonderful places of this planet with lofty brown desert mountain dotted with monasteries perched on the hilltops of the mountains. The tour features the most challenging and easy ride on downhill sections where you can wheeze through. You will be riding not less than 12000 feet above sea level crisscrossing many passes and some of the rough terrain having no metaled road though you will be having backup van close to you. ...
  • On Request
    17 nights & 18 days
    Ladakh Overland Motor Bike Tour
    This 18 days Motorbike trip which begins from Kullu Valley tackling an endlessly winding road, crossing three 5,000-meter passes on our way to the old Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh on the banks of the Indus. The traditional way to get up to Ladakh, still mindblowing. The 3 Lakes of Ladakh Motorcycle Tour....
  • On Request
    6 nights & 7 days
    Bir Billing Paragliding
    Paragliding has evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world. The convenience and simplicity of Paragliding is unimaginable. It is now possible for a common man to experience the thrill of flying. This sport has international recognition and Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh is one where you get the opportunity to learn this enthralling activity....
  • On Request
    9 nights & 10 days
    The Great Kerala Bicycle Tour
    Bharat Darshan provides the World Class mountain biking amidst some of the world’s highest tea estates equipped with most latest gear you can explore the historical Fort of Cochin or just Relaxing on the deck of a houseboat on the world-renowned Kerala backwaters (with overnight stay included) Stunning scenery, great food and plenty of time to relax and soak up Kerala’s famed charms....
  • Rs 10,000
    5 nights & 6 days
    White Water River Rafting in India
    Rafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity using a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers with the help of professional rafter guide....
  • On Request
    15 nights & 16 days
    The Great Indian Road Safari Tour
    Travelling through the roads of Ladakh & Zansker one requires patience, skill & the presence of mind. This road is among the most treacherous which passes some of the highest passes of the world and hence can be a rewarding journey. This will lead you to New Delhi to the heart of the greater Himalayas. ...
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