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Probably the only country having diverse culture with 22 official languages and 398 living languages where you might encounter cultural shock. In every few kms apart different languages are spoken and different culture is practices. These had influenced locally and the reason we find so much contrast in people and places. Some of our interiors are yet not being influenced by outside world and as result you find the same age old culture in practice. Here we have tried to highlight those peoples and places.

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    The Gateway of North East
    The home of Brahmaputra is known as the gateway of North East, cocooned between dramatic Himalayan foothills and the plateau and hilly terrain of Meghalaya in the south. Here tea estates established by the Britishers produce over half of India’s tea. Kaziranga and Manas Wildlife sanctuary one of the last frontiers for the pre-historic, one horned Rhino is USESCO world heritage site. Assam is also the home to the World’s largest inhabited riverine island, Majuli....
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